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gives women that love

to sew a chance to serve

in the mission field.

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Darling Dresses 

The boys' britches are made from tee shirts, the arms are cut away as is the neck and the bottom of the shirt becomes the hemmed pant legs.

There are many different styles out there, so make from what best works for you! 


Sewing Projects Include: 

  • Sewing as Business for Livelihood

  • Blanket/Seeping Quilts

  • Boys' Britches 

  • Darling Dresses (Pillowcase Style)

Blanket Blessing for Haiti 2010 048.jpg

Blankets should be made to the size of the top of a twin bed mattress, that way they can be given in America as lap blankets for the elderly, and as sleeping mats abroad. 

Ughanda Hospital IMG_20180915_125351 (2)
Ughanda Hospital Bed size IMG_20180915_1

Blankets donated

UGANDA Hospital 


A sewing project as a business opens the doors for women in underdeveloped countries to have a 'Livelihood" which gives a woman the opportunity to not only make an income but to dress her children that are always in need of clothing.

Ghana Trip Sewing Treddle 2414.jpg

This sewing project included a restored treadle sewing machine, materials, and notions, and patterns. 

GFTN donated it through the church at Tatindo, Village, Ghana, Africa and they presented it to a woman as a lively hood business for her to earn income.

Ghana Bernice Sewing IMG_0106.JPG

The treadle machine and supplies made their way to through the joint efforts of an elder of The Macomb Christ, of Michigan, who delivered it to The Fairfield Church of Christ in Ohio, and from there Master Provisions Ministry carried it onto Ghana.  It is now is in Tatindo, Village where it will be used to equip the livel

Supplies for a yearly container to the Philippines 

Sewing Project as a Livelihood projects for the Philippines. 


Sewing school in Cebu Philippines  

Marilyn from the Philippines Sewing School wrote.

Debbie, I love to quilt and I will be excited to teach our ladies in the Philippines more. I have already taught a lady how to quilt. We don't have a market for quilt products yet here locally, but if we will have orders, we can deliver.  I will be very excited to make a quilt...hand made specially. I will be happy to receive anything that we can make use of."

Marilyn L. Jumao-as Compostela, Cebu Philippines


Thanks to all of you that have sent material and notions to make the sewing projects and sewing ministries possible.

Tell others about Gifts for the Nations Ministry -

and share this work with your church.


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