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Gifts for the Nations is a for-profit business, with a Kingdom of God purpose, perspective. 

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The birthing of Gifts for the Nations ministry

by Debbie Witwer Cramer


Gifts for the Nations is a Christian humanitarian ministry, founded in 2003 by Debra (Debbie) Cramer and is operated with the help of husband Jerry.

GFTN operates as – a for-profit ministry although it qualifies to be a 501c3.  It is run like a small business and earns a profit, which does not support any single member but instead is focused to sustain itself and support the work of ministry. We are in the business of ministry!  

We exist to make disciples, at home and abroad and equip the church, through supplies that we call gifts. In doing so we dealing with our responsibility of service to the poor and homeless, providing for the .needy people — the poor, the homeless, the orphans, and the widows?

We impact the mission field in various ways:

ABROAD - we enable missionaries and ministries to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ by offering gifts of medical supplies, educational materials, and various supplies through missions org, ministries, and individuals we partner with.  


Sustaining the church through farming projects, and business as Missions projects. is a focus and favorite. 

Through our projects, and sales the ministry involves individuals in missions through the restoration of items and the giving and purchasing of donations. 

We are involved in disaster relief by serving and gathering supplies,​

We work with many churches but support only Christian and Church of Christ churches.

We are located in Mound Valley, a small city in South East, Kansas centered in the Four-State region of Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. 

We are a small down home friend ministry that you are welcome to be a part of.    

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