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Always accepting gently used household items, and clothing to be sold to earn funds and open the door for the gospel. 

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Gift for the Nations Ministry Sales provides income and evangelism through the "gifts."

The ministry currently set's up two-day fundraising sales at various locations, which is also a means to evangelize locally.

The sales allow the ministry to convert items into funds and offer quality items new and used at fair values. 

The sales allow Jerry and Debbie and helpers to be out and about with the public to meet, greet, and share Christ. 

Every customer is thanked for helping the Lord's work at Gifts for the Nations.  We have pictures up at the sales of how the funds and the donated "gifts" help us to help others.

Through the "gifts" they purchase at the sale - they then become a part of global outreach.  Oh, I wish that you could see the smiles on the faces of people - especially the unchurched when they realize that they are giving to God to help others through the sale.  Or when we encourage them to say "thank you Jesus" for the good deal they found to purchase. 

The Gifts for the Nations sales also provide a place for people to bring their unwanted items allowing us to resource them so that in some way they can help us do missions!

Come and be a part of them as we are always needing places to have sales, items to sell, and people to help us!


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The sales take us out on the streets about 40 days a year ... 

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READ the STORY about God's provision and encouragement during a yard sale  ... 


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