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Jerry and I are as ordinary as you can be. We are living proof that God is still changing lives! I think the words to

a song best describe what He has done with our lives: 


If you see what we once were, if you could go with us, back to where we started from I know that you would see, a miracle of love that took us in His sweet embrace and made us what we are today, just sinners saved by grace."

Jerry Debbie Ministry Picture Green Jack

We live in Mound Valley, Kansas, a town of about 400 people located n Southeast Kansas. 


In the ministry, I speak and write and Jerry fixes, builds, and restores.  Together we gather and resource needed items for the Lord that we call ‘gifts’ and place them into the hands of ministries and missionaries working in the nations, or use them to aid GFTN.


We were both raised in Southeast Kansas, grew up on small family farms with our parents and grandparents in the home, and we are both better people because of this. Our families were not fully devoted to Christ's families, but they took us to church on Sunday so we could learn about Jesus.


I have known the Lord since I was a child. We were both baptized as teenagers but did not dedicate our lives fully to the Lord until a few years ago. Yes, God’s grace is amazing!


Jerry’s family ran a dairy and farmed in rural Mound Valley. I grew up nearby in Coffeyville, Kansas in a rural area on a small farm with three sisters, and where you simply learn to do everything that has to be done.


Jerry loves to fish and to be outside. Jerry graduated from Labette County High School, in Altamont Kansas. God has gifted him to be an excellent welder.  He is a ‘helping hand to the Lord's work. He stands very supportive of the role the Lord has called me to do at GFTN ministry as founder and director.


I love to talk with people and sing. I love working in my flower gardens when time and strength permit.  I have M.S. and other physical issues that limit what I can do.  I love life, my family and I love the Lord. I graduated from Oologah High School, in Oologah, Oklahoma. I married Jerry, then after our children, Jerrod, and twin daughters Amber and Alyssia were in school I took various jobs outside the home. I surrendered to full-time ministry after age 40 and studied at Ozark Christian College in Joplin Missouri and graduated in the spring of 2008. 

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